Andre Decosterd

Michel Decosterd Switzerland

Андрэ Декостер

Мишель Декостер ШВЕЙЦАРИЯ



Andre Decosterd (1967). Musician, composer, plastic artist. Organ-maker, later studied and taught at the Lausanne jazz school (Ejma). Studies composition systems specific to contemporary music; researches and experiments sound matter.

Michel Decosterd (1969). Architect, plastic artist. Practises architecture and photography. Researches, builds and experiments systems of the projection of light and images.

SILIKNOST Performance. 35 minutes

Two workers with shovels are filling four buckets full of holes.Their movement, by mean of a mechanical chain composed of balancing poles, cables and pulleys, provokes the oscillation of four beams of light. Twenty four photo-sensitive sensors trigger off sounds which evolve according to the rhythm of the workers.

Cod. Act

Research, experimentation, expression. Electrotechnic sound and visual machines are created, for targetted interventions. Cod.Act aims at a critical contribution to politics, science or art. For each intervention, the machines are adapted according to efficiency criteria, and receptivity to the contribution of other disciplines and methods

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