J a s o n s l o a n  USA

Джесон Слоан США

EDUCATION: Interrelated Media, December 1999, Towson University, Towson, MD.Painting, May 1996, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.Earned Pennsylvania Deptartment of Education Teaching Certification in Art

VISUAL PERFORMANCE PIECES/ACTIONS Baltimore, Eau Claire, Ellicott City Towson

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: 2002 IV International Festival Experiments & Performance, Manege Central Exhibition Hall Saint-Petersburg Russia.

2002 Dreamcatcher International Video and Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

1995-2002 Vienna, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Towson, Yokohama, Sheffield, Denison, Meadville, Pittsburgh

AWARDS / RECOGNITIONS: 2002 Invited to appear on the 2 CD compilation set Ambient02@hypereal. 2001 Featured artist on Stars End, a nationally syndicated pubic radio program. 2000 Featured artist on the Inner-Space radio program. Zagreb, Croatia. 2000 Featured artist on E-Music public radio program. Allentown, PA. 1999 Visual Performance Award, SOWEBO Arts Festival

wrap v.1 (2001) 2:26s color video with sound

extinguished with language (2001) 3m:4s color video with sound

saltscar (2002) 5m:23s color video, no sound

These video works continue the artists exploration of the body as a host for memory, contemplation and transcendence. Each performance possess an emotive and personal ritualistic quality that is born from each works solitary actions. The works also create a dialogue discussing aspects of spirituality with a connection to life, death, religion and mortality.

Jason Sloan is a visual performance/sound/installation artist working from Baltimore, Md. His work explores the various aspects of spirituality and its connection to life, death, memory, religion and our transitory passing here on earth. Through his

performance / installations and audio environments and recordings, he examines

the need for transcendence beyond the body through a vehicle of visual ritual and

auditory stimulation. This ritual language is created through the use of a variety of

materials - bees wax, photographs, soil, light bulbs, video, book pages and audio

recordings. With this dialogue, Sloan feels an urgency to evoke a collective experience between the viewer, listener and artist that can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world. The focus of this transcendence is not to conform with any current religious trends or beliefs, but to take a non-dogmatic approach of artistic and intellectual inquiry that explores the basic human need for some type of spiritual alignment or wholeness.

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